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  • Accomplish your Goals: 

    • The workbook will help you set specific goals for the next six months of BJJ (anything from technique improvement to competition outcomes). 

    • Research spanning more than 35 years demonstrates that setting goals increases your effort, motivation, and performance! You will learn to set and track goals to reach the next level. 

  • Get Locked in the Zone:

    • You will be able to quickly assess what you need to get into the “zone.” You will know how to manage the stress of anticipation and anxiety that comes from competing. You will be able to reduce, increase, or maintain the optimal energy level to avoid choking, “spazzing out,” and "adrenaline dump." 

    • Top researchers have repeatedly demonstrated that managing your competition anxiety/energy will help you perform at optimal levels. 

  • Increase Confidence:

    • You will learn to reduce the automatic and hard to notice negative internal messages that come from practicing a challenging sport.  

    • Over the last 30 years, research shows that negative internal thoughts (or negative self-talk) are among the most significant contributors to pre-competition nerves and poor performance. 

  • Increase Performance with Mental Imagery:

    • You will create customized mental imagery or visualizations for practicing techniques and for rehearsing your BJJ competition strategy. 

    • Research findings from hundreds of studies demonstrate that imagery and visualization effectively enhance performance, preparedness, and confidence.

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